Broken Body

First assembly of the company, speaks of three pregnant women, detained and disappeared during the Pinochet dictatorship. Cecilia Labrin, Michele Peña and Reinalda Pereira. The work tells the passage through the centers of torture and the horrors to which the detainees were subjected trying through this trip to maintain the recent memory of our country betting that events such as these will not be repeated.

After each function, a conversation forum is held with the public, where topics such as staging, language, human rights and spontaneous reflections that arise from the audience are raised.


The specialized press has said:

Overwhelming and necessary. Rite of dreadful formal harmony.

Pedro Labra; El Mercurio Newspaper (10/14/08)

A piece achieved aesthetically and as a discursive vehicle.

Marietta Santi; (10/15/08)

A deep feeling, very attached to the earth and the defense of life.

Leopoldo Pulgar Ibarra; La Nación Newspaper (07/29/08)

Throughout the play an unbreakable dialogue was established between the public and the actors.

Carina Pérez García ; Diario Noticias, Oaxaca, México (10/26/10)