The Fragments of your Memory

It is a work of butoh and poetry, which speaks of existence, of death and the search for lost beings struggling not to disappear.

The staging proposes an absolute exposure of the body, the characters delivered and exposed, travel on a sensory journey at the beginning of their disappearance, at the moment before they die, seeking the return of memory.

The texts of the poet Humberto Díaz Casanueva (National Prize for Literature 1971) place the viewer in the different atmospheres throughout the work, leading the public to a state of introspection and reflection.

Clothing is positioned as a revealing element, the link that connects the dead with the living and that is present at all times.


The specialized press has said:

Fragments of your Memory conveys abstract suggestions. Poetry and butoh seem a unique body in constant change, assembly and transformation.

Leopoldo Pulgar, (06/26/15)

The work of the interpreters is delicate and with precise containment.

Marietta Santi, La Hora, (06/26/15)