STRIKE, a broken woman

In this work we experience a minimalist staging with projections and a light game that generates a claustrophobic environment, leading the viewer to see and feel the pain, confinement and fear suffered by women subjected to domestic violence.

The work has two characters: a man (Raymundo Estay) who travels through space with different female symbols that he uses and manipulates, and then shows the confinement and agony that a battered woman lives (Natalia Cuéllar).

The sound atmosphere narrates the distortion of violent relationships in romantic music that is distorted until it reaches uncomfortable and aggressive sounds.


The specialized press has said:

They are 45 minutes of deep humanity that transports the viewer from fiction to reality.

Leopoldo Pulgar, (07/26/16)

Coup makes the butoh become the perfect language to represent a heartbreaking experience in front of us.

Pedro Labra Herrera, El Mercurio Newspaper (08/02/16)

The interpretation of Cuellar is solid, it reflects his extensive journey and handling in the butoh language.

Marietta Santi, (08/09/16)